Blueprint for Tyranny

ŠPaul M. Alvarez 2000-2008

An ignorant populace is a controllable populace, an informed populace is dangerous

Divide and conquer

The fearful will give up their rights for the illusion of security

Encourage criminal activity by reducing punishment and giving criminals "rights" and releasing known mental defectives while at the same time ignoring the victim

Attribute the rise in criminal activity to the availability of firearms and legislate against the law abiding citizen

Emphasize ethnic and cultural differences to maintain tension between the races

Portray the Federal government as the Great Provider and Protector

Create an atmosphere, through taxation and mandates, where business is forced to cut the work force

Create dependence on the government via extended unemployment benefits, "job training" , welfare and the police state

Punish those who work hard and diligently through taxation, reward those who do not work with welfare, grants, subsidies, and tax breaks

Punish the wealthy with taxation and confiscate their property through "estate" taxes

Teach trivial subjects in the schools, make sure that as few students as possible know how to read, write, and think.

Revise history to denigrate traditional values and vilify the heroes

Use drugs to enslave the populace and destroy the family

Emphasize to a large portion of the population that, since they are uneducated, they have no future, hence their only option is to turn to the drug business

A moral populace will rebel against an immoral tyranny

De-emphasize religious teaching and morality, teach that all aberrant behavior and self indulgence is acceptable and that religious leaders are "extremists"

Tyrants most fear the armed citizen

Portray firearms as being the root cause of crime and gun owners as being aberrant

Divide gun owners by targeting certain types of weapons over others

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